Gres de Aragon

Product Category : Swimming Pools & Industrial Tiles
Classification : Porcelain Tiles
Material : Natural Clay
Type of Finish : Brillo/ Matte
Type of Use : Outdoor & High Traffic Areas
Origin : Spain

 Gres de Aragón, offering quality and service for over fifty years.

We supply a wide range of exclusive designs for wall and floor tiles and counter top solutions. In addition, our technical division for industrial and water facilities includes products that are especially resistant to chemicals and offer the outstanding specifications that these type of specialized applications always require.

Gres de Aragón uses the finest natural clays in its production processes: top quality raw materials that are fired for 24 hours at temperatures of more than 1300ºC to produce fully vitrified tiles that are extremely tough and offer outstanding technical specifications.

As a result, our products are specified by the finest architects for outdoor and high traffic areas such as shopping malls, restaurants, public buildings and sports centers.


Technical floor tiles for spaces that require extra security, hygiene and resistance.

 Aciker Alfa/ 12x25cm


Everything for building private, public or competition swimming pools.

Gres de Aragón, has a complete range of high quality products to carry out all kinds of swimming pools. They are pieces of glazed gres tiles with an extraordinary finish that highlight beauty and cleanliness of a swimming pool. The range has base pieces 12×25 cm. with plain or anti-slipping finish, channeled edges, angles, round angles, round mitres, overflow systems, and smooth or flutted edges.

Bases for inside the swimming pool and surrounding areas.

Celdillas Natural/ Blanco/ Azul Oscuro/ 12x25cm

External Mitre/ Internal Radial Tile / External Radial Tile

Verde Brilliante/ Verde Pistacho/ Amarillo Brillante/ 12x25cm

Mosaico Azul Anti-Slip/ Mosaico Marino Brillo/ 30x30cm


GA-SPA Edge 

The Gres de Aragón GA Spa-U system, is a perfect ceramic/concrete combination to solve the edge and the channel. A concrete piece in the edge and the channel that supports the ceramic tile and the grid. A ceramic edge, that brings the exact level difference needed in an overflow pool, is installed on the plane surface of the concrete piece. It is a more versatile and operative system that allows having different channel sizes due to the modulation of the concrete pieces.


GA-2 Edge/ GA-2 Edge Internal Corner

System for the finishing of the edge of level pools. It needs only a simple substructure, so it reduces the construction time. It achieves a perfect water and overflow level, identical on all four sides. Its pieces are both structural and covering (while other systems with concrete channels need considerable more tiling to cover).


Natural GA-2 Edge / Natural GA-2 Edge Internal Corner

Klinker version of GA-2 system, thought up for private swimming pools. It makes easier and faster to construct an aesthetic and safe overflow system. Its pieces are both structural and covering (while other systems with concrete channels need considerable more tiling to cover).


Finnish Edge/ Finnish Internal Corner/ Finnish External Corner

It channels the overflowing water to the filter system. So, the dirt is removed almost at the same time it falls on the water. From the architectural perspective, it makes possible to have water surface at the level of the surrounding floor; when there is no floor within sight, water seems to overflow into the void.


Zurich Edge/ Zurich Internal Corner

It raises the water level, enlarges the water surface sight and avoids the water to return to the inside of the swimming pool. From the architectural perspective, it makes possible to raise the water surface over the surrounding floor level.


Edge 33/ External Corner

Anti-slip and step safe. Its design avoids the water to brim over to the outside of the swimming pool. It is a versatile system, so it makes possible to propose several constructive solutions.


Pietra Edge/ External Corner


Edge/ Internal Corner


Fluted Bullnose Tile/ Flutted Tile/ 15x75cm

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